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• • •Mental Health in Lockdown

  • The New Year Resolutions:
    We all take new year resolutions every year but most of us fail at following it. Resolutions are easier to take but hard to keep throughout the year despite of…More
  • Worst ways of living life…….
    Trying to please everyone is the best way to ruin your life. People pleaser tries to be polite but they become people pleaser and didn’t realise it as well. It…More
    A Neet Aspirant has to struggle a lot through life. If you come from a Middle Class Family , you have to work even more , you have to take…More
  • Patience :The Fuel Of Success
    Every successful person in this world was once a beginner. Every little thing can grow and become great. But what it needs is patience ,it is the most desirable quality…More
  • Body Shaming : A curse by our judgemental society
    Everyone wants to look healthy and confident. But people in our society are so judgemental that they judge a person based on their weight and body type.It leave people feeling…More
  • Self Love: The need of the hour
    Every person is needed to have Self Love for themselves. All of us feel depressed,demotivated or low at some times of their life. Being emotionally well is a challenge for…More
  • PApa : Dad: The One who make you live your life
    On this special occasion of Father’s Day, I want to say that what i am today is all because of my dad. No one can take his place in my…More
  • Confidence:The Fuel of Life
    Every vehicle needs fuel for its functioning . People are also like a vehicle who needs a fuel called confidence. Confidence can take you to extreme levels of success in…More
  • Happiness is in Style
    Happiness is in style. It means that everyone who live in this world can be happy. Happiness never goes out of fashion. Wherever you go in this world, it is…More
  • Toxic Positivity
    Always our elders told us one thing ” Be Positive ” but is this quote actually right? I feel this is not as right as people say. Suppose you are…More

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